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Now serving Kamloops, the Shuswap AND the Okanagan! Book Now


Any personal information collected by Lyons such as name, age, ID numbers, etc. is stored in physical and electronic secured files. Measures to ensure security include locks on filing cabinets and firewalls. The purpose of this information will be disclosed at time of collection but will always be for business purposes such as payroll and invoicing/billing. This information is not distributed to anyone within the company aside from those requiring it such as Human Resources and Accounting.

Customer information that is collected is for the sole purpose of our sales team for location and billing of the project. This information is never distributed to a third party for any reason. We will take all necessary precautions to ensure information is kept private.

Lyons will not require you to consent to disclosing personal information but services may be restricted due to this. The personal information collected will only be kept for the period of time needed or period of time required by law.

The key positions such as Human Resources, and Payroll Administer are given training and information on the confidentiality and handling of customer and employee personal information which includes where and how to store the information and who is able to receive this information with respect to privacy laws.

Failure to adhere to the privacy policy set in place will result in immediate suspension and/or termination of Lyons employees.