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Open weekdays for winter!
Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm

Lyons Garden Centre is your one stop shop for everything you need to complete your landscape project. The believe that it’s the PEOPLE that matter most. We focus on providing the best customer service in the industry combined with the highest quality plants and aggregates.

The fully licensed Lyons Garden Centre and nursery has recently been upgraded to approx. 4 acres in size, and is home to hundreds of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and much more. In addition, we carry over 25 types of bulk rock, sand, and soil ready to for you by the scoop. If you don’t have a truck, we’ll deliver it right to your doorstep. Don’t forget the weed-block that lies under the aggregate; we sell assorted landscape fabric by the foot. What about beautiful, imported flagstone and basalt columns you ask? Pick and choose from our selection of various sizes, take your time and find the perfect piece. Let your imagination maximize aesthetics, functionality, and cost-effectiveness of your project! Right next to our slate rocks you’ll find a hand-picked selection of imported statuaries, fountains, and outdoor benches – available in concrete or resin. Take a peek inside our greenhouse to find a wide selection of veggies, fruits, herbs, and discounted items.

The Lyons Difference: Still need more reason to visit the Lyons Garden Centre? Take a step inside our store and see our living walls, custom wooden arbour, and a custom running pond which is home to “Professor Chaos the Turtle” and his koi friends. Spend a couple minutes and talk to a pond specialists about how we can incorporate a water feature to your existing landscape. We will provide you with all the advice and every piece of equipment you will need to DIY as a summer project. Or alternatively, have our Lyons Landscaping pond experts come install it for you from start to finish in a matter of days! If you already have an existing pond, see how you can upgrade with UV Clarifiers, pond plants or even fish to reduce stubborn algae and unsightly debris. The Lyons Garden Centre is packed with all the equipment and advice you need to complete the project of your dreams.

Our selection of items include, but not limited to:

● Organics: Trees (Ranging from 4’ to 30’), Shrubs, Perennials, Annuals, Ornamental, Fruits, Veggies, Herbs, Tropical Indoors, and much more!

● Bulk: Rock, sand, and soil available by the scoop or delivered to your home (Out of town deliveries available). Visit our Bulk Page for selection.

● Bagged Products: SeaSoils, Sunshine Mixes, Manures, Peat Moss, Mulch.

● Lighting: Remote LED Landscape Lighting, Remote LED Pond Lighting, Transformers, Photocells, Replacement Parts.

● Aquascape: Pond Kits, Pond Liner, Underlayment, Pumps (Ranging from 70 to 5000 GPH), Skimmers, Pressure Filters, Filter Media, UV Clarifiers, Waterfall Foam, Barley Straw, Tubing, Aerators, De-icers.

● Fish: Koi in various sizes, Fish Food and Flakes, Fish-Friendly Water Clarifiers and Debris Removers, Fish Nets.

● Fabric: Landscape Fabric (4’ to 15’ width rolls, cut to customer requested length).

● Concrete: Fountains, Statuaries, Benches, Memorials.

● Pots: Whiskey Barrels, Ceramic, Plastic.

● Lawn Edging: Bender Board (, Black Lawn Edging, Stakes, Pins.

● Cedar Fencing, Fertilizers and Grass Seeds, Tree Stakes, Garden Decors, Pest Repellents, Creative Wall Decors, Bird Houses, Indoor Water Fountains, Composters, And Much More!

● Fireworks: Seasonal item, pre-sale available for Halloween!

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