December 15, 2015

Hired Colin at Lyon’s Landscaping to dig up our shrubs and plants in front of our location at Liquid Nutrition, they were a one stop shop where they designed a new outdoor patio layout for us instead of the shrubs and plants that were currently there. The drawing was approved quickly by the City of Kamloops and Lyon’s landscaping did a great job putting it together in a quick timely fashion. The patio they designed had nice paving stones and rock work with some greens along the front and it was a big hit and our customers loved it. This innovative thinking and better use of the space has helped improve overall sales for our business as well. Great job and highly recommend them for any project.

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June 2015

We sit home and talk about the fabulous service we always receive from Lyons Landscaping, but today I decided to drive here and tell Colin Lyons how wonderful they all are in person. We will continue to use Lyons for everything.

Thank you!

Norris & Heather Berg

Kamloops, B.C., Canada.

January 2015

Good Afternoon

I just want to extend a huge thank you to you and all of your staff. With the 80 businesses that you take care of I must say I couldn’t believe how well you looked after us during this last snow storm.

I am always the first one here in the morning and your staff are always a welcome site (one less worry of the day) as well as pleasant.

Thank you again for top notch service.

Pat Cain
Kamloops Driver Licensing

November 2014

Testimonial from Margaret Jorden (PDF)

Margaret Jordens
Summit Gourmet Meats

December 2014

Testimonial from Mara & Pat (PDF)

Mara & Pat
Kamloops, B.C.

March 24, 2014

We have used Lyon’s for our snow removal plans over the last several years. This past year we asked them to be our primary link to clearing our yard area.

We are out towards the east end of town which makes it more difficult to plan around. I found they made a real effort to communicate with us. They would call anytime the weather indicated a need for snow removal and would work around our schedule to meet our needs.

I really appreciated the checking in to see where we were at. I could call late in the evenings and on weekends to coordinate our needs.

Eric Larnder
Operation Supervisor

July 03, 2013

The Owners:

We were very fortunate when we decided to go with your company. Your firm met with all our expectations and more. We would like to recommend the following people for jobs well done. Shane and Blake who battled bravely to dig out the three flowering trees, plus weeds etc. Mark and Matt for taking apart our block wall and adding to it, and finishing the whole wall, plus doing the vegetable garden corner blocks.

To Karla and Jasmine for unloading and spreading all the Blue Granite rock. We needed some plain river rock for a small opposite side of the yard. A young man, Billy, filled and loaded the two bags. Also another load of river rock was loaded into a truck for us, sorry did not get his name. You really treat your senior customers well.

My husband was a Shift Foreman for Teck in Trail, BC and he would have hired these people in a second as he was so impressed with their work.

Everyone has been very impressed with our yard. When we come to the store, someone has spoken to us promptly and found the right person for our needs.

It was also a pleasure to deal with Liz and Tania.

Yours truly,
Louise Mattiazzi

June 06, 2013

Ross: We are very pleased with the looks of the gardens. Your crew did a very good job. I should also mention that the residents who saw the crew working were impressed by the way they worked and their polite willingness to please. If you wish, you can email the amount owing, hold the hard copy of the invoice, and I will drop by with a cheque this next week when I am in Kamloops.

Syd Pudney

May 22, 2013

Hi guys,
Big thanks to Colin and his crew at Lyons Landscaping for performing a spring cleanup at my place. After destroying my backyard last year thinking I could fertilize it myself, all it took was one crew and a days work to help rejuvenate my lawn and reclaim my yard.  The employees at Lyons were very courteous and offered a wide range of solutions to fit my budget. I would definitely recommend their service for anyone in need of landscaping or backyard planning.


Brendan Shaw | Real Estate Agent
Brendan Shaw Real Estate Ltd.

May 08, 2013

Last spring my husband & I had a swimming pool put in our backyard.  As you can imagine, the yard was left a mess and the yard being sloped the pool was a lot higher off the ground than we had anticipated.  Therefore, we needed a retaining wall put in, we hired an acquaintance of mine, who said that he could do the work as he had worked for Lyons in the past.  We hired him and within 3 days we knew that he had no idea how to install an Allan Block wall.  I called Lyons, they fit us in their schedule as soon as they could and our wall turned out perfect!  We also had them level off the driveway in the backyard and scrape up some of the left over gravel from the pool install.   This spring we needed another smaller Allan Block wall put in around a flower garden at the base of the Allan Block wall that Lyons did last year, and we added some stairs coming off the pool deck to the driveway….this time there was no messing around, we called Lyons first thing.  They completed the wall and stairs in a week.  We are extremely pleased with the work that Lyon’s has provided us.  We would definitely use Lyons again and would recommend Lyons for any landscape project anyone has!  Our backyard is a work in progress and I am sure we will be calling Lyons for more work!

Thank you Lyons!

Paul & Laura Tetreau

September 24, 2012

I am a retired Plant Science Professor from the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences. In 2012, I acted as a liaison for Askew’s Foods on the landscaping component of their new state of the art grocery store (Askew’s Uptown) in Salmon Arm. From the high quality of the proposal submitted to the final landscape product, we found Lyon’s to be very professional and efficient. The landscape design was complicated, with many sloped areas, a green roof over a concrete pad and an elaborate underground irrigation system. Lyon’s and their irrigation sub-contractor worked collaboratively with the landscape architect and me throughout the process to address these challenges. The site supervisor of the company was open to suggestions along the way and accommodated changes where necessary. The crew was friendly, hard working, efficient, and knowledgeable. Lyon’s provided high quality plant material and installed it in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend their company for commercial ventures at the scale and complexity of the Askew’s Uptown development.

Bill Remphrey

May 4, 2012

To Whom it May Concern,

I want to express my appreciation for the work of Ross Anderson, Karla Mulcehy, Shane Longman and Nathan Oxenbury. They worked incredibly hard for almost twelve hours to do the landscaping. The four employees unpacked the truck, spread river rock, dug holes through rocks for seven trees and three evergreens, builit three raised beds, spread the soil then the extra was raked onto the lawn. They even had to move the cement bird bath to plant a tree. After all that work then there is the packing up of tools, sod, soil, rock, pieces of wood and fabric. It is a huge labor intensive job, and they were wonderful people to have around cheerful and happy.

I bought this place not realizing there were no flower beds or a decent tree and being I am in my seventies there was no way I could do that work myself. My job is to keep the trees watered and growing, I think I can do that.

Thank you again for your services.

Barbara MacManus

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dear Mr Lyons,

I recently was visiting friends in the Kamloops area from my home in Victoria over Mother’s day weekend. Being a resident of the garden city with numerous and some of the best garden centers in this part of the world I have to tell you that your centre rivals any that I have seen on the Island. It is beautifully laid out and organized and offers some unique items and displays I have not seen anywhere. The living wall is one of the many ideas that caught my eye. Brilliant.! When we arrived I did not plan or expect to leave with anything but an impression but your helpful and knowlegable staff changed that as I walked away with items I was not sure were going to make the trip back safely but I couldn’t resist.

I can assure you that I will be passing on to all my gardening friends that if they are in the area that a stop at Lyons is a “must do”.

Thank you
M. Foster

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I just want to let you know how pleased my husband and I are on the work done at our home.  Every time I look out my window or drive into the yard, it makes me feel so good. What a beautiful job!  Looks straight out of one of those magazines! You took on a big job here, including underground sprinklers, paving stone patio, allen block wall and stairs and a peaceful low maintenance garden island. I’m still in shock at how quickly this project was completed and at the professionalism shown by everyone involved.

Thanks Lyons Landscaping…

You have made our yard something to be so very proud of!!

Diane and Roger Nadeau

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hi Team,

Judith Naylor just phoned me to pay her bill. She asked me to relay the message that she was very impressed with Team Lyons. Right from the start in January when Darren came to see her and then Karla & Shane came to do the work. Karla knew exactly what she was doing and completed the job as Darren had suggested they could do.

Thanks Team

Marti McCallum
Lyons Garden Centre & Landscaping

 Friday, March 23, 2012


My name is Kelly Abel.

A couple of days ago we had Taunja here giving us a quote on getting our 2 fruit trees pruned. She was very knowledgeable and a real pleasure to chat with and answered all my questions. She also took the time to identify some of the shrubs and trees in our yard as our home is new to us. She is a credit to your company.

Yesterday we had Jordie here pruning our trees and I wanted to let you know that my husband and I were very pleased with the excellent work ethic and the clean up afterwards. We have a very old cherry tree that was not looked after and he took great care and gave excellent advice on maintaining this tree as we would hate to loose it. He was very pleasant and also very knowledgeable and gave me a few helpful hints on tree care. He is also a credit to your company.

We have been to your business and everyone we have had anything to do with has always been helpful and kind. I just wanted to let you know that because you have such great staff, we will be return customers and we will recommend your company.

I myself am in customer service and know how hard it can be when dealing with the public, so I thought you should know how much I appreciate the great service we have received.

Please pass this on to your staff and we look forward to seeing them again in the future.

Yours truly
Mrs. Kelly Abel

September 2011

Your crew did a fabulous job on our front yard.

It looks great, just love it.

Stephen and Fay Collins

July 2011

Last year my wife and I built our first home here in Kamloops. Nearing our completion we soon realized that a lower retaining wall was required on our property. To do the job, we hired Lyons Landscaping, who put in an Allen Block Wall. Once the wall was completed, that side of the house was used as a corridor for machinery to gain access to our backyard. Unfortunately, all the machinery, combined with other factors, began to shift the wall.

I called Colin Lyons approximately a year after the wall was installed and asked for his opinion. Colin came to our house that same day and basically told us the wall had to be rebuilt. Colin then had his crew come to our house on short notice that very same week and had the wall rebuilt. That in itself impressed my wife and I but when Colin stated there were no additional costs, we were really surprised. Not only did Lyons Landscaping rebuild a retaining wall on short notice, but they honoured their work and took great respect in maintaining their reputation in Kamloops as the #1 Landscaper.

We would recommend Lyons Landscaping for anyone who requires top notch service!

Jon and Heather Pehowich

July 2011

Hi Darren,

Just a few lines to say a huge thank you. Lyon’s crew started exactly on time and finished quicker than you estimated. They were helpful and very courteous. Once they had finished, our work started and again Lyon’s scored 110% by delivering all different types of rock to fit with our schedule. This meant from start to beautiful finish in 4 days!

Absolutely Awesome!!!

Thank you so much
Jayne Powell

June 2011

Hi Colin and staff, just a short note to recognize the fantastic service I received from one of your garden center employees a couple of weeks ago. I was in need of a number of bags of some rock and mulch to finish a project and while loading the bulk product was offered help by a young man named Jacob. Knowing these items are to be self loaded by the customer he insisted on lending a helping hand and made the task of bagging and loading my truck so much easier. It is refreshing to see a young man like Jacob willing to go the extra mile to help a customer. I trust you will thank him again for me and let him know his hard work and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed.

Best regards,

Jim Clark
Surfwood Equipment LP

May 2011


Just happily paid my bill for the lovely front yard I now have. Karla and her crew were a delight to work with. Scott and companion were by yesterday because I discovered a leak in the line going to the back yard (to be installed next year).

In other words, service has been terrific.

Sue O’Shaughnessy

May 01 2011

Hi Colin,

I want to thank Scott and Neil for doing such an amazing job fixing my irrigation problem. They were so friendly and professional. After they fixed the enormous mess, you would never had know they were even there. The level of professional service I will be recomending to everyone.

Thanks again.
Lisa H.

May 2011

Hi Colin,

Just wanted to say thank-you for today.
Your crew was fantastic! They worked so hard and were extremely accomodating.
The trees look beautiful and they left the yard in perfect condition. I’m thrilled.

Thank-you again for the great service.

January 2011

Thanks Rex for your guys work on this. I’ll pass it along to Darren from Lyons as well. We had to pick up the sidewalk cleaning last week after Karri pointed out some stuff with the application of Mag but I believe it has been good since then.

On last nights issue, the RCMP asked for us to open the second entrance into the subdivision by the maintenance building. I phoned Darren to assist with some clean up and laying of sand, and there was a Lyons truck on site in 15 minutes.

I have found that consistently when I ask Lyons to attend they are there in short order and I appreciate their abilities to provide the services as quickly as they do.

Pat Leonard

Corix Utility Services
Sun Rivers and Kamloops Region
Office (250) 377 7757 | Fax (250) 377 7232
Cellular (250) 571 4696

January 2011

Good morning Rick

As you know, Fay and I walk at 7:00 a.m. every weekday morning. We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the great job the crew does in keeping the sidewalks and paths clear of snow & ice. Please pass on our thanks to those responsible.


December 2010

Merry Christmas Colin and Lyons Staff

I wanted to say Thank you and to Colin, you work with some of the greatest people :)

My Objective this morning was to adopt the Christmas tree that no one wanted. What I got was a great story.

I woke up this wonderful am in the dark like most Canadians. To my cat biting me to be fed and the dog barking to go out side. For some reason today they conspired to wake me up at 5:30 am…”Ugg, I wonder if their is a kid in the neighborhood who wants a new pet for Christmas?”. Feed cat, let dog out and off to make coffee to realize I am out. “It is going to be one of those days”. Settle for hot chocolate…yumm. Run around the house tackling the usual morning stuff; load dishwasher, feed dog, harass kids, my hair etc etc. All to the sound track of Rock radio and bad Christmas songs.

Time to run out the door to an appointment. Now I drive a ’91 Jeep Yj, nick name Bebe’, that has really no heat. As I am trying to execute the endeavor of scrapping windows, I slip very unceremoniously and land flat on my Butt with an audience. “Nice, it is one of those days”. With a wardrobe change and I am off to discover that my appointment was canceled. “Sigh, this is getting to be fun.” I decide to head down to your establishment to see if you have any trees left.

I was greeted by a very nice man and helped by another very nice man. To discover you have no live cut trees ( btw Is it just me or is ‘live cut tree’ an oxymoron?) Hmmm, I could buy a live tree for the price of a fake one. I choose a live potted one. Bebe’, has carted a many an unusual thing this year so far. Including a 1 year old bear. Boo boo, thought it would be a great place to nap after destroying our food supply while camping this summer.

So here we are trying to fit a potted tree, Fat Albert, into the jeep. I happy to say it was accomplished but my door wouldn’t stay closed. The latch on the door was jammed, “oh for crying out loud not another one” Earlier this week my back door on the jeep did the same thing and was held closed by bungee cord. “Sweet it really is one of those days.” We wrestle with it for a few moments and gentle man A decide he would see if gentleman B could do something.

My hero! not only did he fix the door he also fixed the back door too :)

So here I thought my day went sideways. To have not a Charlie brown tree but a beautiful tree that I will be able to plant in my back yard and watch it grow and Bebe’ is not broken!

One live Christmas tree, fixed jeep doors, a hug, don’t have to buy a pine air fresher, and a great story…
All in all my experience, was Priceless.

Thank you for turning my morning around and making it the best, Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year

Hope you get a kick out of my story

November 2010

Kal and Val Zurkan

To: Lyons Landscaping

Last Saturday, November 6th we had a wonderful experience buying Yucca plants, grasses, tulips. The young lady was SO helpful & informative. Our second visit, Nov 9th was equally a wonderful experience!!

Thank You!!
Kal and Val Zurkan

June 2010

Repka Family
980-13th Street

To: Lyons Landscaping

We are so thrilled with the work that Chad and Mike did in our backyard. My first word when I cam home to view my patio was “WOW”. I cannot thank Lyons and these young men enough for the work they did. Their love for what they do is very apparent as each day they showed up with smiles on their faces: ready to get ‘r done. I will be spreading the word about the excellent service and superior quality of work we received from Lyons. I recommend them for any landscaping project.

Karen & Ed Repka


Just wanted to thank you for the terrific job that Kim and the 2 guys did this week. All 3 of them were just great. You’ve got a great group there. The hillside looks perfect with nice little touches. We couldn’t be happier. You’ll hear from us again for some work on the other side of the lot.
Have a great summer.


Beverley Johson

I would like you to know that I am very pleased with my “new back garden”. Kim and the crew have done a great job, in fact Kim came up with several ideas that made it look even better than my original plan had been.

Thank you

Beverley Johson
Kamloops, B.C.
April 16, 2010

Birnice Williams

With my payment for pruning I must send along my thanks to the couple who did the job. They were pleasant and considerate, clean up done to perfection and my yard looks great! I’ve always thought the staff at Lyons was the best – this only confirms 1t.

Birnice Williams
March 2010
Kamloops B.C.

Patio Renovation

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the outstanding work you did renovating our patio.
Your ideas were helpful, the quote was accurate, the selection and design process was smooth, and your staff was good enough to adapt to our ideas when the installation date arrived.
The project was on time, on budget and, most importantly, it looks terrific.
This is the third occasion that I have hired your services, and I am pleased to recommend your firm.

Best Regards,
Neil Rachynski

Lyons Landscaping & Garden CentreWalsh Residence – Winner of Georgie Award

On behalf of myself and my wife Janet, please accept this letter of recommendation as endorsement for Lyons Landscaping Litd. award-winning design, quality service and excellent workmanship that was provided to us while designing and landscaping our property in the Benchlands of Juniper Ridge, Kamloops, BC.

Colin Lyons dedicated team provided innovative design and detail from soothing, reflective water features, terrace retaining walls, strategic use of plants, trees and shrubbery to a professional putting green has provided us with a most unique multi-purpose landscape. Colin’s willingness to incorporate custom designs as the project developed, his dedicated and committed team and quality found in every detail of the completed project is reflected in the outstanding award Lyons Landscaping received for our yard and garden. We have been completely and totally satisfied with everything Lyons Landscaping Ltd. has offered and provided. We highly recommend their dependable, quality and superior service to any potential client.

Frank Walsh

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