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Garden Centre Hours

Although our Spring plant shipments will not be arriving for another couple weeks, our Garden Centre is still operational with tons of goodies. Many items are still tagged for discount from the holidays. Come have a look and take advantage of the discounts before we revamp the entire store once again this Spring. Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm Saturday 


 Lyons Landscaping Installs Fence and Decks! Lyons Landscaping is proud to announce the arrival of Steve Blackmore to our professional team. Steve brings over 20 years of residential and commercial fence and wood decking experience. We are excited to offer chain link, vinyl, cedar panel, wood picket and cedar split rail fence installation to our valued clients. There are no 

Everything Landscaping Blog: SYNLawn.

Everything Landscaping Blog: SYNLawn. 3 Reasons To SYN. Hello and welcome back! It’s your favourite landscape solutionist/blogger back again with another blog post; because really, how many do you know? 😀 This time I’ll be giving you 3 reasons why the grass will always be greener on this side. SYNLawn, ever heard of it? Well if you haven’t, you’ve come 

Everything Landscaping Blog: Transformation.

Everything Landscaping Blog: Tranformation. The story: The family who lives in this house had been far too busy to keep up with the maintenance of this backyard (sound familiar?). One may suggest that they didn’t use the backyard so they didn’t keep up with it, and others may say that the area wasn’t taken care of because it wasn’t used. 

Everything Landscaping Blog: Staycation.

Everything Landscaping Blog: Staycations. There are no limitations to what your landscape can become. Backyards are now being transformed into outdoor rooms and places to entertain. Whether it is ponds, fire pit sitting areas, built-in outdoor gas barbecues, or simple shaded sitting areas, we can help you turn your dream into a reality. There is no such yard that is 


Bulk Selection at the Lyons Garden Centre Rules: All items are sold PER SCOOP (1/2 cubic yard). Delivery orders can be placed in person OR by telephone (250-374-6942). NO SELF LOADING. NO CANOPY.Delivery is categorized by Small Dump Truck or Large Dump Truck, 1-6 Scoops and 7-26 Scoops Respectively. Don’t know how much you need? Use our Scoop Calculator.  

Welcome to The Log Blog, Episode 6.

Part 1: Backyard Landscape Transformation Welcome back to the Log Blog, where we talk Everything Landscaping! Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone had came out to our Landscape Expo and supported our Royal Inland Hospital Fundraiser. In one weekend, we raised $400 that will go directly towards our local hospital. Thank you very much! Now back to the Log Blog, 

Welcome to The Log Blog, Episode 5.

Turf: Laying Sod with Lyons Welcome to the fifth installment of The Log Blog, where we talk Everything Landscaping. Our content will always be Kamloops local, original, and most importantly, information that will benefit you and your landscaping needs. Before we get started, we want to emphasize that this blog is designed for you guys. Send us anything landscape related 

Welcome to The Log Blog, Episode 4.

Strawberries: A Guide To Growing Success Who doesn’t love strawberries? Who doesn’t love the feeling of harvesting fruits that you personally put your blood, sweat, and tears into? There is nothing more rewarding than seeing real results after putting in all that time and effort into something, especially when it is something you can eat! I was walking around our 

Welcome to The Log Blog, Episode 3.

Changes: Lyon’s Own Front Yard Overhaul. (i. This picture showing the lot freshly excavated by our Kubota KX161.) If you happen to live in Batchelor Heights, North Kamloops, Rayleigh, or Sunpeaks, and you commute to work, you probably drive past our headquarters on a daily basis. For years, the dead grass and bushes were the only thing that bypassing drivers 

Welcome to The Log Blog, Episode 2.

Koi: Properly Reviving Your Fish Pond In The Spring. It’s no wonder why Koi are one of the most well-known and prestigious fish in the world. Koi come in hundreds of different colours and patterns. When kept well, Koi will live approximately 40 to 60 years; and legends have been documented to live up to 200 years! They are primarily 

Welcome to The Log Blog, Episode 1.

Xeriscape: The Modern Way To Save Money And Add Value. By definition, xeriscape means to save water through creative landscaping. Xeriscaping minimizes water usage by eliminating the traditional full size lawn and is replaced by a practical landscape that can be used as an extended living area. This reduces water consumption and adds tremendous value to your home. Just to 

Welcome to The Log Blog! (Where we talk everything landscaping)

You have arrived, this is The Log Blog.:D There are only 3 things you need to know about the Log Blog: What, Why, When. What: On behalf of Team Lyons, I promise not to bore you. The Log Blog will only contain unique, local, and valuable content on everything landscaping that you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. You 


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