Bulk Selection at the Lyons Garden Centre

Rules: All items are sold PER SCOOP (1/2 cubic yard). Delivery orders can be placed in person OR by telephone (250-374-6942). NO SELF LOADING. NO CANOPY.

Delivery is categorized by Small Dump Truck or Large Dump Truck, 1-6 Scoops and 7-26 Scoops Respectively.

Don’t know how much you need? Use our Scoop Calculator. [[(Area in Square Feet) x (Depth Inches in Decimals “Eg. 3” is 0.25)] / 27 ] = Cubic yards

Once you find the cubic yard, multiply by 2 to get the desired scoops)

(Missing in photos: Flagstone, 2-4″ River Rock, 2-8″ River Rock, Large Boulders)

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